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  • 10% discount for couples and parent/child members from the same household
  • 10% discount for Veterans, Active Military, Fire, Police, EMS personnel
(Discounts cannot be combined)

$175 monthly | $145 students u21

CrossFit provides individual coaching in a group setting.  CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program for all levels of fitness.  Our coaches will work with you to adapt the workouts based on your fitness levels and ability.  Classes are 1 -hour long.  SPECIAL $95 INTRODUCTORY RATE FOR NEW MEMBER'S 1ST MONTH.

Class Descriptions


Photo Oct 09 2023, 3 28 08 PM.jpg

Our regular CrossFit classes are available throughout the day and are our most popular class. CrossFit movements include strength, cardio and gymnastics performed in different combinations at high-intensity intervals. Daily classes include a strength workout and a conditioning workout and can be scaled up or down for all levels of fitness.  Classes are 1 -hour long.  

Power Hour


This class is a blend of powerlifting and bodybuilding. The focus is on a major lift for the day followed by complementary bodybuilding exercises. Based off of the Louis Simmons training model: each session has a focus on either lower body or upper body. We will cover proper mechanics and techniques for all movements and can be scaled up or down for all levels of fitness.  Classes are 1 -hour long.  


Photo Aug 08 2023, 4 21 00 PM.jpg

This class will center around longer WODs in the 35-45 minute range and utilize lighter weights to focus on building a more robust and efficient cardiovascular system. A large emphasis will be placed on movements that involve gymnastics, dumbbells, kettlebells, running, biking, skiing, and rowing. These movements will be mixed in various combinations to provide constantly varied workouts that are infinitely scalable to meet each athlete at their individual level of fitness. Various formats of workouts including chippers, AMRAPs, interval-style workouts, and partner workouts (to name just a few) will be utilized!

Olympic Lifting/

Barbell Club

Photo Sep 25 2023, 4 55 35 AM.jpg

Wednesdays will be dedicated to the fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting – moving through the progressions to learn to do the Snatch and Clean & Jerk safely and effectively. Learning the fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting is essential in learning CrossFit. These movements are programmed regularly, and it is imperative that athletes can do them safely. This four-week class is essential for new members but is open to any members who want to improve their form in these movements.

Mondays will focus more on percentages & technique.

Fridays will be geared toward moving heavy weight. Barbell Club is open to all – members of Calypso as well as others who are interested in competitive weightlifting.

Personal Training

$60 per session | $500 for 10 sessions

Our coaches will develop an individual plan for you and help you work to achieve your goals in a 1-on-1 training session.

Calypso Kids

$80 monthly 9+ y/o

Calypso Kids uses the CrossFit methodology to help kids ages 6-12 stay healthy and strong.  We keep fitness fun and engaging.  Your child will learn and develop proper movement mechanics, body control, and skills that will set them up for success going forward with sports and overall fitness.  Classes are 45-minutes long.

Sports Team Training

Call for pricing

Strength and conditioning training plays an integral role to optimal athletic performance.  Calypso offers "off season" or "on season" group training specifically designed high school and middle school athletic teams.

24-Hour Fitness

$95 monthly | $25 add-on for members

24-hour access to a fully equipped fitness studio, separate from our CrossFit studio space, so you can achieve your personal goals on your schedule. Ask us about one-on-one coaching if you need a little extra accountability and guidance.

Kids Zone


Drop your kiddos off and get your work out in!  Free Kids Zone offered during all Boot Camp classes and most evening CrossFit classes.

  • Monday through Friday 4:30 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.


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