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"I know it will be a great day"

When I start my day at CrossFit Calypso I know it will be a great day! From the coaches to the daycare kids everyone is friendly and encouraging and wanting to help you reach your goals. I work out to be stronger and feel more connected to my body each day and that has always been enough here. I am grateful for this community who lets me be me in the midst of them. I'm proud to be a member of Calypso! - Hanna B

"The best shape of your life"

Awesome coaches! Amazing programming! If you want to get strong, lean and in the best shape of your life and work out with an outstanding group of people this is the place! - Eric R

"We are all stronger and healthier"


Crossfit Calypso has been a blessing to our family!  My husband has been going for about 2 years, our 8-year-old started this past summer, and I have recently jumped onboard. We are all stronger and healthier, and I love that this is a family activity for us. Our little ones get to hang out in the kid room while the rest of us get our box jumps, push ups, ring rows, burpees, biking, rowing, lifting and more done. A real community, people we strive to be like, and a future I'm excited to see! Thanks CrossFit Calypso! - Abby C

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